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[sticky post] Welcome to [Aug. 19th, 2014|02:49 am]
Eric Stata
Geologist in Training
MS- Applied Geosciences                          University of Washington      2014
BS - Geology, Minor in Mathematics       Portland State University      2012 is the property of Eric Stata and has no association with StataCorp LP
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Cover Letter [Oct. 3rd, 2014|04:37 pm]
As a recent Master’s of Science Graduate, I am looking to apply my skills in a practical setting. I have completed a course of study with emphasis on hydrology, engineering geology, and geomorphology, and with courses in professional writing, presentation, data management and display, and field methods. I have skills in ArcGIS, MS Access, Excel, Word, MATLAB, and Modflow. As part of my capstone paper, I taught myself Rock Works 16 in order to display data from over 600 wells in the GeoMapNW database, a process which included importing data from ArcGIS into MS Access.

I am excited to begin my career as a geologist; I am used to fast paced environments with multiple problems to resolve from my time in tech support, and I will bring my skills at describing, analyzing, and resolving problems.

I am looking for a position with a company who will take on difficult challenges and offer opportunities to succeed beyond expectation.

I am available 7 Days a week, 7am to 7pm, at 206-669-3686 or at eric at

Thank you,
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Pictures [May. 21st, 2013|03:56 pm]

Olympia beds, Lawton Clay, Esperance Sand. Discovery park.

Three huge cruise ships all left for Alaska at 4pm on Sunday. So nice, so few tourists in downtown.
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